Sakura Square LLC | Upcoming Parking Policy Changes
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New Parking Policies

Parking Equipment & Parking Policies

New Parking Policies effective as of November 28, 2016
Parking Machines effective as of January 4, 2016

As you may have noticed, we are in a process of installing new parking equipments at Sakura Square. The equipments that are in place currently are aging and in serious need of replacement. We have taken this opportunity to also improve our signage and traffic flow. We understand that these changes in parking equipments and traffic flows may be confusing during the initial stage of implementation. We will be taking active steps during the transition to reduce any inconveniences to our tenants and customers as much as possible. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to Sakura Square staff through email:

Summary of upcoming changes (effective 11/28/2016)

  • Equipment: The kiosk currently used for payments will no longer be functional and be replaced with payment machines at each exits.
  • Entry/Exit: Larimer st entrance and exit will not be changed. Lawrence st gate which is currently serving as an entrance will be converted to an exit (deliveries excepted).
  • Validation: Stamps currently used for customer validations will be replaced with validation tickets with barcodes which customer may scan at exit to receive same discount (1.5hrs per validation).
  • **Detailed parking policies are listed below.
Commercial Tenants & Customers
Temple Members/Affiliated Groups

   Temple Member Parking

Monthly Parking

   Temple Affiliated Group Parking

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