Sakura Square Redevelopment


Since its dedication in 1973, Sakura Square has been a multi-generational, multi-cultural community and cultural destination for those seeking Japanese goods and services. The owners of the property, Sakura Square LLC and the Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple, are excited to share the news that we are investigating redevelopment options to reposition Sakura Square for current and future generations of the community and the Temple members. The future of the existing structures on the block has not yet been determined.  Should Sakura Square LLC and Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple decide to move forward with re-development, the goal will be to create a mix of private uses which may include retail, commercial and parking venues, plus community uses which will highlight the Japanese-American heritage and culture. The Temple will remain on the block for the continued use of its members.


The owners seek a redevelopment outcome that fulfills their dedication to sustainable and superior Japanese-influenced design and architecture. Quality over quantity is a focus.  Should the block be redeveloped, it will possess a simple but iconic expression of the Japanese community and culture and have a gracious presence in relation to the street, neighborhood and community. Historically, Sakura Square and the Temple have been home to a number of community and cultural activities, including the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  The redevelopment plan will identify ways in which these activities will continue to exist and serve the community. Sakura Square will remain a place to offer programs, celebrations, festivals, classes and events in order to share the Japanese culture with the greater Denver community.


As the strategic planning of Sakura Square continues to develop, please look to this website for regular updates to stay informed. We look forward to sharing our progress with you as we continue down our path to create a bright, viable future for Sakura Square.


CEO, Sakura Square LLC



What is the plan for Sakura Square?

The Owners are in the process of identifying developers who are qualified to work on a potential redevelopment project and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the Owners’ missions. The Owners have made no redevelopment commitment to date.

What is the vision of Sakura Square?

Sakura Square’s vision statement can be found here.

What will happen to the Temple?

Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple will remain at Sakura Square. The Temple owns the building and land upon which it sits. The Temple Board of Directors is working closely with Sakura Square LLC, the owner of the remaining portion of the block, to determine how the Temple will feature in any potential redevelopment.

What would happen to the other buildings on the block?

Any changes to the existing structures at Sakura Square, other than the Temple staying on the block, have not been determined.

What would the redevelopment look like?

This is not known right now. However, any *potential* redevelopment of Sakura Square *may* include religious, cultural and community components plus an iconic design that respects and honors the Japanese-American culture.

How long would a redevelopment project take?

If the Owners proceed with the redevelopment, it would be a multi-phased project scheduled over several years.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties,
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